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Background information regarding pentofun

In the "classic Pentomino", only tiles consisting of five equal sized squares are used.

pentofun uses tiles, which can consist of 3 (Tromino), 4 (Tetromino) or 5 (Pentomino) basic elements.

Video about pentofun (youtube)

Strategy to play, tips

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the shapes of the 12 tiles used.

Depending on the symmetry of a tile, there are exactly one or up to eight variants of how a certain tile can be placed.

The pentofun tiles (and all 56 variations on how to align them) are shown below.

Tiles with a single orientation

pentomino tile1

pentomino tile2

Tile with up to two orientations

pentomino tile3

Tiles with up to four orientations

pentomino tile4

pentomino tile5

pentomino tile6

pentomino tile7

pentomino tile8

Tiles with up to eight orientations

pentomino tile9

pentomino tile10

pentomino tile11

pentomino tile12

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